Aberdeen Proving Ground
Provides on-site technical assistance to the Aberdeen Proving Ground Pollution Prevention Program.  Primary responsibilities include policy development and implementation, training, and outreach, and hazardous materials inventory management. 

Reviews capital projects for compliance with environmental requirements and sustainable/green building design.

Conducts historical, environmental risk assessment research.

Supported the Army Research Laboratory Pollution Prevention Program by performing pollution prevention opportunity assessments, developing policies, and conducting technical research.
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Assisted with their 1st and 2nd Annual Zero Release and Annual Businesses for the Bay Conferences of 100 attendees each.
State of Delaware
Conducted a pollution prevention outreach project for retailers in the State of Delaware during 2000 and 2001.  This project showcased innovative pollution prevention successes of eight selected Delaware retailers who are members of national chains.  The participants included LL Bean, Wal-Mart, Sears, Nike, and Shop Rite.  This project provided each participant with valuable pollution prevention action items for future improvments to save money and the environment.  This project also included a mentoring component, allowing participating businesses to share their successes with each other.
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable

Sponsoring the Spring 2004 National Environmental Assistance Summit and chairing its Local Planning Committee.

Assisted with the preparations for the Spring 2001 Roundtable meeting of over 500 members in Chicago, IL.

Assisted with the preparations of the EPA Region 6 pollution prevention meeting in May 2001.
Lowell Center of Sustainable Development
Collaborated to develop and conduct a four-day pollution prevention training class for 150 employees of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.